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 News: closing 2011.05.17. has closed

We are sorry to announce that has closed. Therefore currently only the iOS (for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) versions of our games can be bought online. If you want to get our games for other devices (including Palm, Pocket PC and PC), please contact us at the email address above.

New additional world! 2006.05.03

New additional world for Legacy

Thanks to Dragon-Slayer, now you could download this free map: Sequentoni.

You have been transported to a strange, mysterious land. Soon after you enter a monastery, a sorceress, the one who brought you here, tells you that she needs your help. She is the leader of a small group of rebels who are fighting against some corrupt religious leaders. If you take her mission you will face many perils and dangers. You will have to strike against forces of great strength and magic. You will have to defeat them and solve the puzzles and avoid the traps that they have laid for you. But if you refuse to take it, you doom the rebels to certain death...

The connection city is Grendelmoore.

Requires *powerful* party - Ye be warned!
New additional worlds 2006.03.16

New additional worlds for Legacy

Thanks to Catacomber, Werdna, you can download three, brand new additional worlds - for free.

Also, you can find here the Land of Despair, a brand new commercial expansion pack, designed by Andreas Stürmer.

Btw, we're getting closer and closer to The Quest release. You can find here the final, pre-release shots soon.
Legacy 2 preview 2006.01.02

The Quest preview 2nd part
(codename Legacy 2)

Yes, we're still working on the game, every day, however the project seems to be much larger than we thought!
So, spring...

These new shots don't show the true potential of the Quest engine, but we promise the next ones (in a few weeks) will do.

Happy New Year!
Christmas gift 2005.12.25

Merry Christmas for You and Yours!

Thanks to Catacomber, DMon, Pateta, Charles Parks and Roadcat, we have 4 free Legacy additional worlds for You! Please click here for descriptions and download links.

Best Regards,
  Redshift Team
Legacy 2 preview 2005.09.19

The Quest preview
(codename Legacy 2)

As you may know or heard, we're working on Legacy 2. This will be far beyond Legacy 1 regarding graphics quality, supported features, 3D emulation and animations.

I have to mention Legacy Legend 2, since it supports some of the key features of Legacy 2, touching and sometimes crossing the engine border of Legacy 1.

You can check the planned/partially developed features of Legacy 2 as well as screenshots and other information.
The largest expansion pack has been released for Legacy! 2005.09.17

New Exp Pack: The Legend 2
from Daniel Johnson

This is the largest expansion pack ever created! Contains 3 separate chapters, superior equipment,mighty monsters, good/evil ways to follow and much more!
Description from the author:

It is the return to the world of Legend.
For the last three years you have rebuilt your kingdom, and finally the people are happy once again.
Yet your sleep is disturbed by dreams!
In them you see the destruction of all those around you, your people dying!
But are they prophetic?
Will these dreams come to pass?
Only you can discover the truth!
Only you can decide the outcome!
As you once more take on the role of the Defender of Karthanc, and the King of Legend!

Legend 2 has own page on our site, with detailed description, screenshots, purchase links.
New Expansion pack for Legacy! 2005.07.02

New Exp Pack: Lespasian War
from Plinydogg

Description from the author:

 What will your people think when they learn that their King has been captured after a disastrous battle? How long will it be before their morale crumbles and they submit to the harsh rule of the Lespasians?

The metallic clank of a key unlocking the iron door of your prison cell quickly pushes these ominous ruminations from your mind. A man dressed as a guard bursts into the room: " Hurry, hurry! You will have only one chance to escape and this is it!"

So begins your arduous escape from Lespas and your long odyssey home, a journey that will take you through cities, swampland, ancient ruins, a famous church, a rock quarry, the Arena, a zoo and more!

You may want to check the screenshots,
and the Handango product search page
Handango Champion Awards! 2005.06.30

Legacy got a Champion Award :)

Thank You, Handango!
New Expansion pack for Legacy! 2005.06.02

New Exp Pack for Legacy: The Ring
from Shatalmic, LLC

Description from the author:

Near the Castle Holebrook a young princess has lot her engagement ring. It was taken by some evil monster. Can you help her to find it? Along the way you may find that this is more than just a search for a missing ring. What deeper evil lurks in and around this ancient castle? This adventure has many quests and takes special advantage of the powerful scripting language in Legacy. It also has its generous share of monsters and fighting. Adventure awaits you in, "The Ring"...

You may want to check the screenshots,
and the Shatalmic LLC site
Best PPC game in 2004 by Pdaground! 2005.04.01 selected Legacy as the best adventure game in 2004!

You can read the whole article here.
Thank You, pdaground!
SMS back online 2005.01.18

SMS payment method is back online!

Now all of our products can be purchased with SMS from your mobile phone. You can use this link: AEMobile SMS payment.
Downloadable PDF maps for Legacy 2004.09.30

Legacy maps in PDF files

Lele Dainesi has finished the PDF Legacy maps! Now all of the base maps can be downloaded for offline use.

Happy Gaming! 

Legacy for Symbian Series 60 2005.01.04

Legacy is available for Symbian Series 60 devices!

You can download the base game and the compatible expansion packs from our Symbian Series 60 section.

Note: the Symbian section has been changed: a new level of filtering can be found there, with separate Symbian Series 60, Symbian UIQ and Nokia Communicator.

PC section 2005.01.04

We have a new section: PC (Windows).

The left menu frame should contain a new item: PC. In case you can't see that, please right click on the left and select refresh. Direct link: PC (Windows).

We have compatible versions of Legacy and all the expansion packs.

SPECIAL OFFER: The Windows Legacy version costs only 9.99$ and contains the official expansion pack!