The Quest preview
    (codename Legacy 2)

Planned features

  • doom-like view of the wielded weapon/shield, but don't think about an fps

  • playable races, even undead (will mean different quests, dialogs, powers)

  • skill-based system, primary and secondary skills. The attributes won't advance dramatically.

  • advanced dialogues, with persuade, lie, threat, ...

  • continuous emulated 3D, not block by block as in Legacy 1.

  • alchemy with ingredients, like mix herbs of resist poison and restore health, then you have a cure poison potion (diluted to strong, by your alchemy skill and equipment)

  • Cast or contract diseases, some of which may be lethal!

  • complex enchant system (effects: drain hp, drain sp, fortify skill, fortify attribute, resist poison/magic, resist normal weapons(!), diseases: resist, cure and infect, and so on...).

  • every item will have a weight (and your encumbrance limited)

  • special monster properties (infect disease, poison, resist magic or specific spells, ...)

  • some monsters can read scrolls!

  • one huge world, non-linear gameplay, you can go anywhere anytime

  • 2-level dungeons, high ceilings and two story buildings (check the 2nd shot at the right)

  • the expansion packs will be inserted into the base game. Like a new island, a new house in an existing city, a new tower, or just new items!

  • empty scrolls can be enchanted!

  • in Legacy 2, swords/armors can't contain spells - there will be rechargable wands!

  • dual weapon fight!!! (If you master the right skill)

  • books with simple text to read (even novels), and ones that teach you something

  • picking locks, disarming...thief skills.

  • rest in the wilderness! although some company could wake you up :)

  • advanced card game - more strategy less luck

  • With the expanded features of the new Legacy 2 Editor, the game can be extended by new items, monsters, map objects, animations, spells, diseases, ingredients, (everything, even with new graphics!)
    Bringing more value than ever before to the expanding Legacy Universe!

  • palm: the game will need much less execution memory, because of the highly compressed but ready-to-use pictures.

  • The dungeon view will be as large as it can be! Like 380x320 on palm landscape

  • much more...

    Preview screenshots


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