Land of Despair
     from Andreas Stürmer

The Forest of Despair leads to an old Graveyard and the Village of the Condemned - where the whole story starts... a huge epidemic, Zombies,... a fascinating story!

Land of Despair comes with 12 levels, two different skills and therefor enemies between level 1/8 and 7/25 as well as 10 quests (some solutions are spread over the levels). You can access the easy one through the teleporter in Decrantes and the hard one in Grendel Moore - so everyone can play! Be prepared!

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     from Catacomber
Lost on an island off Grendelmoore, you must find the wizard Waerloga. He asks you to capture his ancestors' demonic spirits so they may be put to eternal rest. Ghosts and devils have crossed over into this world because of Waerloga's folly in stealing the five books of Solomon from his ancestors' graves. He asks that you regain the books and break the spell. Five books, five demons, five keys and an island filled with mystery and peril.

Entry is from Grendelmoore. This map is for levels 17-25.

Proving grounds
     from Werdna
In "Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord", an adaptation of the first Wizardry scenario from the early 80's, you will captain a party of brave adventurers, who will explore a maze filled with great rewards and fearsome monsters. If the adventurers are brave, resourceful and lucky, they may be able to find the lair of the evil wizard Werdna, defeat him, and return his amulet to their patron, Trebor.

Entry is from Decrantes. The map is for level 1-10.

Wild Celts
     from Catacomber

An island off Grendelmoore is dominated by brutish rulers. Go there by boat to ally three of the native chiefs and help overthrow their oppressors. Or bind yourself to serve a brutish tyrant. Go wild in the dungeons crawling with tough opponents!

Entry is from Grendelmoore. This map is for levels 25+.


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