Legacy 1.05 free additional worlds  (all platforms)

Screnci by DMon and Catacomber   Download
  Your King Mersant suffers - he has been made sickly by evildoers.
Your mission is to find the mage Sala to heal him. Only she can help.
Along the way you have the opportunity to visit a coven, a cult and some
cities, among other places and to battle the Ancients.
 This is a group effort by some Legacy beta forum members to revive
the beta that Dmon did not have the opportunity to finish. It's designed
for a party at approximately level 20-25. Entry is from Grendelmoore.
Pretonia by Pateta Download
  The evil Eldoin has kidnapped Leterp's wife and taken her to his Tower
Dungeon!  You must rescue her from his evil intentions and bring Leterp
a special ring so he'll know you've succeeded.
 For levels 8-15. Entry is Grendelmoore.
Elvira by Charles Parks Download
  Dr. Vlad and his delightful assistants have been cloning local villagers to
make an invincible army.  Bring Dr. Vlad's lab book to his ex-assistant and
save the world and innocent maidens.  Along the way, enjoy the unparalleled
humor of Charles Parks, developer of Revenge.  For entry levels 10-15.  Your
mission begins in Beraquel.
Keldark by Roadcat Download
  The sewers and forests of the peaceful town of Keldark have been invaded
by zombies and werewolves so dangerous that the mayor has declared the
town off limits to everyone.  Daynor, the town mage has disappeared.  Find
Daynor and save the town from the interlopers.  For entry levels 0-7.  Your
mission begins in Descrantes.

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