Legacy: The Legend 2 - Expansion Pack
     from Daniel Johnson

It's cold, so Cold. That is the way it always begins: with the cold.

You find yourself standing in the streets of your city; everything is quiet and still, even peaceful. Then breaking through the quiet you hear the first scream.

You spin around, searching in vain for where it came from. Then again, and again, all around you, you hear the screams of the innocent and the guiltless. Your people! The scene of the dream changes, and now you are running searching for them, trying to find even one.
Suddenly before you stands an Evil beast, jaws opened wide to tear you to pieces. Rolling to one side by instinct, you narrowly evade the sweep of its clawed limbs. Coming to your feet instantly, you respond with all the skills at your command. With your back turned you hear the body fall to the ground, but something is wrong, it did not sound right. You know what will greet you as you turn; you have had this dream before.

You try to force yourself to wake but you are too deep in the dream and know it must run its course. You turn around. And on the ground is the body of a child, its eyes seeming to stare up at you reproachfully. Your sword slips from your fingers. How? It can not be . How is this possible?

Behind you comes a cry for help, you turn around and find yourself in the Square. The Evil Beast you slew is now everywhere. Hundreds of them, but as they come closer you realise the screams are coming from them. The realisation that these Monsters were once your people comes crashing down on you. What has happened? What black magic is this?

A voice calls out: It will come to pass.

No! you hear yourself scream No.

The voice calls again: Yes, it will occur just as you have foreseen it. No! You cry out, I will not allow this thing I will stop it. Will you indeed King of Legend, do you have the strength I wonder.

Again the dream changes and you are alone. This part of the dream is new, and you have never been here before. You turn to see the Goddess Shetar, but relief turns to dread, something is wrong; she is aged! You reach her side and she looks up at you, her voice as soft as the breeze. I do not send these dreams to you King, but I have ridden them as your sword's magic creates them. Your power grows within you, what you see is the future, King of Legend. I have not much time; even the power I use to stay in this dream drains me. If you would avert this course you must come to me at Yeltin Forest. Your old home. Please. Time is short!

With a start you wake from your dream. Bathed in sweat your mind teems with questions. You are having visions of the future! Your power is growing! What is going to happen to your people, what has happened to the Goddess? Using a calming technique taught to you by your old Swordmaster you block off the distracting thoughts and focus on the one course of action open to you. You must go to Yeltin Forest. Find Hursk and Jorn: they are in their castle quarters, and tell them what has happened. Then go to the Hall of the Sword and pick up the Sword of Karthanc. You have much to prepare for and time may be short.

Defender of Karthanc!


Genuine Random Battles!
Prepare to be surprised in battles for a change!

Weapon and Artifact Enchanters!
Find the ingredients, get the gold and visit a master crafstman to get your own enchanted items!

The Arena!
Which consists of three levels to battle and overcome.
Will you become the Full Arena Champion by defeating all 3 Levels ?

Two different game experiences!

Either Good or Evil.
You will decide by your own actions and the way that you play through the game!
Your choices will effect the lives of people you meet on your Quest!

Two seperate endings, one for each path that you choose!

Will you be Evil and see what that path brings you?

Or will you be a True Defender and fight for Good?

Only you can Decide....

Defender of Karthanc!!


Overall difficulty: Hard
Access City: Grendelmoore
Monster levels: 26-70


This Expansion Pack requires Legacy version 1.05.


Please remove all other expansions from your device before playing the Legend 2. This expansion is so large that your device may not be able to cope with the extra, memory requirements that come with having too many expansions loaded on your device at the same time! (Remember that all three Chapters in Legend 2 are accountable as separate expansions!)
If you do not, then you may experience problems such as losing a saved game! Or worse the save game becoming corrupted leading to Legacy behaving in strange ways, as game states will not be recorded properly.
This cannot be stressed enough, please be careful of the amount of expansions loaded onto your device at the same time!

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