Legacy 1.05X  (Palm)
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So what is Legacy ?

You can see our description below, but let a professional introduce you to the game:

David Eaton, primary software reviewer at PDA 24/7, has written a comprehensive review of Legacy after his experience with the beta versions and was kind enough to allow us to post a copy here as well... click here to read the review.

We are fans of the old-style rpg games, such as Eye of the Beholder, Black Crypt, Might&Magic,... and we decided to make an rpg for PDA users. The whole gameplay is designed by us, but of course we found good ideas in these old rpgs. It's turn-based but sometimes you may feel it's real-time.

Legacy features


The 1.05X version supports Palm OS 5.0 (or better), and Palm OS4 (hi-res) devices.
Physically the game needs ~4 MB of free handheld store memory. On some types of devices the game may needs more, please check the list below.
Compatibility notes and issues, by device families/types:

  • Sony UX, TH: the new, 1.05X version supports both devices!!!

  • Sony NX, NZ: because the game gives the best in 480x320, we developed a rotating functionality... so the game supports landscape mode on these devices. The speed and the quality is maximized on these devices.

  • Tapwave Zodiac: the first version may or may not supports Zodiac extra buttons, although the game itself works correctly. Please check the upcoming versions for more information. The speed, memory and quality are ideal.

  • Palm Tungsten T3: the game also supports landscape mode on this device, the speed and quality are also at maximum level.

  • Palm Tungsten T2, C, E: the game supports 320x320 resolution for these devices. Check the hi-res screenshots section below for samples.

  • Palm Tungsten T, Zire 71: Check the hi-res screenshots section below for samples at 320x320 resolution. The game will need additional free store memory on devices with lower dynamic memory. You'll see a warning at startup when you don't have the required amount.

Screen shots

Click here if you want to see more landscape (480x320) shots...

Click here if you want to see more hi-res (320x320) shots...

Click here if you want to see more hi-res+ (320x480) shots...

Downloadable maps

We have two maps for download, but please come back to check newer ones.

Morah's Plan: connected to the first city's Global Teleport. A small, funny quest.

King's Aide: connected to the first city's Global Teleport. From Charles Parks, the author of Legacy: Revenge.


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David Eaton's Review (mirror)

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To purchase any of the games, please write to us!
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Legacy 1.05x download

Expansion Pack

The Legend
Expansion Pack

The Legend 2
Expansion Pack

Expansion Pack


Changes in 1.05

  • bows/arrows - now characters in the 2nd line can participate in a battle!
  • monster health bar above their names
  • gamma correction to set the in-game brightness for your device
  • renaming characters for customizing your party
  • potion/scroll stacking to help organize your items
  • colored scrolls to show the spell family, and find the needed spell faster
  • scrollable magic items so you can access all the scrolls/magic items from the spellbook
  • item info for characters to know which items can be used effectively by your characters
  • really full-screen map with drag&move feature
  • Special item color for quest items

  • fixed exit-bug which caused crash at exit
  • remap controls on Zodiac
  • improved stability on all devices
  • *full* Garmin Ique support, even from card
  • T3 landscape mode support
Important note for Tungsten T3 users:

In order for Legacy (and many other applications) to take advantage of the extended screen of the Tungsten T3 the following two files need to be installed onto your Tungsten:


Do not install these files if your device is not a Tungsten T3!!!

You must install both prcs at the same time; installing them separately may force a hard reset. Download T3 compatibility pack