The Quest - Islands of Ice and Fire
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You can buy the expansion on Steam or GOG for the PC or Mac.
About The Quest - Islands of Ice and Fire

Islands of Ice and Fire is an expansion to The Quest.

A mysterious illness has devastated an island in a remote corner of the kingdom of Monares. Icy Thule and its opposite twin, fiery Eldfell are now on a lockdown on the order of the local Governor. King Mersant has choosen you, as his most experienced agent, to investigate...

You can start your adventure by talking to captain Hanty in Mithria harbor and selecting "Islands of Ice and Fire" as your travel destination. It is recommended to reach at least level 14 before trying to take on the challenges the isles pose.

Key features

  • Explore expansive new areas, dungeons and towns.
  • Clash with dangerous new monsters!
  • Solve many new quests and claim powerful new items as your prizes.
  • Round out your arsenal with a new weapon type: Crossbows!

The expansion requires
The Quest to play.