The Quest Expansion pack

The Quest Islands

You are a Kingdom Agent on special assignment to
discover the source of a mysterious illness that has devastated one island
(icy Thule) and threatens another (fiery Eldfell).  You'll need all your
wits and gaming talents as you travel through these graphically dazzling
worlds to overcome new challenges, for good or evil.


The expansion pack requires a registered The Quest 1.03 game. You need to go to Mithria harbor, and speak with the captain. Pick "Travel" and you can select "The Quest Isle" as destination.
Palm note: the installed exp pack needs additional db cache and heap. If you have problems regarding the stability, you may need to get rid of the music (again).

This expansion pack has been designed for level 14-15 characters.

New features

  • New monsters with graphics/abilities/properties
  • New weapon type: crossbow and its ammo, crossbow bolt.
  • New, superiorly enchantable armors and weapons A brand new spell with its own effect
  • A lethal disease - keep yourself away from that one!
  • Many new quests, npcs and high level shops
  • New books to learn skills from

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