Important note for Motorola A92x, A1000 devices  (UIQ)
    the solution can be used for Ericsson UIQ devices,too
On Motorola UIQ phones, you can install applications only to C: drive. We know that Legacy takes a lot of space on your C:, and you can't use your card (although you may have megabytes there).

Workaround in THE NEW VERSION, 1.05.2.


The new version supports an exact, but optional directory for data files: d:\legacy. That means all of the data files (main data file, expansion packs, additional worlds, sounds, saved games) can be stored on d: instead of c:.


  • the data files' location cannot be mixed. If you use this workaround, then *all* data files must be in d:\legacy
  • if you install a new expansion pack (using the sis installation) then it will be in c:\system\apps\legacy. You will need to manually move that pdb file to d:\legacy.
  • manually installed additional worlds (such as Morah and Kings Aide) must be also in d:\legacy
  • if you reinstall the game, then the files will exist in the default installation target, c:\system\apps\legacy. You will need to apply the steps (below) again.
  • uninstalling the game won't remove the files in d:\legacy !
Steps you need to follow

Note: the shots are from an Ericsson device. You will see one important difference: Legacy.wav instead of Legacy.mid.

1. have the Legacy 1.05.2 installed on c:
2. install this file manager
3. start the file manager, then navigate to d:\. Create a new directory, called "legacy" (using the file menu).

4. navigate to c:\system\apps\legacy. you should see something like this:

5. select the files EXCEPT Legacy.aif, and Legacy.rsc.
Dont' forget to select the "sound" directory. You can select files/directories by clicking on their icon (instead of the name!).
Then select "Do" and "Move". The target must be set to D: and \legacy directory!

6. Select the Legacy.rsc file. Then "Do" and "Copy". The target is also D: and \legacy.

7. Done! The directories should look like this:
8. If you receive the "Not found" error message after starting the game, then something went wrong. Please check the above directories.

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