So what's up, Redshift?

The facts are: last year (after releasing The Quest's official expansion pack) Redshift tried to go to other markets too with their games because of the terrible piracy activity nowadays in the PDA market (and because of the whole PDA market's 'decay').
After unsuccesful discussions with various console publishers and other companies (the first goal was going to the Nintendo market), in November 2007 the main programmer, Stewe left Redshift and left the whole PDA game business.
But the show must go on... Sylon (the other CEO at Redshift) decided to continue gamemaking, so in February 2008 he hired Elendil, the programmer guy who already helped Redshift with The Quest's 3D graphic engine.
Redshift learned from the past, so they decided to make smaller games also - shorter developing time, more games in one year. The company has to make compromises to stay alive. Here are the current projects which Sylon and Elendil are working on:


We can't neglect our past and our main interest... So here is a funny dungeon crawler game. Logical, arcade and action elements (with some light RPG included). From level to level, through various dungeons and other places, you must find and activate the exit which leads to the next level. You must get points by collecting coins and jewels - each dungeon needs an exact number of points to reveal its exit. But beware: monsters, traps, logical puzzles and even other players will stand in your way... You must get as many points as you can and find the exit before the other players do. And with the remaining points, you can buy better weapons, armors, spells or potions at the shop which will always await you after you have completed a dungeon.
If sometimes you feel you don't have the time or patience for going deeply into the Legacy or Quest worlds with all their long, complicated quests, hard to solve puzzles and difficult to understand rules, but you still want to have some dungeon fun for a short while, this is your game!
Planned release date: July 2008.

Champions' Cards

A fantasy card game, in which you can even crash your opponent's cards with your spells! This game is based on The Quest's popular card game, but will be improved far above it. Contains many more card types, rules, places, game modes and other functions. You can choose quick battle, quick duel or tournament, and also can play with five different player races which all have different deck of cards.
Note: this is just the game's main screen, not a shot from the game itself.
Planned release date: October 2008.

Role Playing Game

A currently untitled Role Playing Game. This game will be a serious one, similar to our larger projects in the past (Legacy, Quest). Will contain all two main games' best functions, which means it will be a polished, complex, beautiful and large RPG like The Quest with all the popular functions of Legacy - mostly its party-based system with four different members.
Also planned function: the possibility to split the party into four different persons to be at many places at the same time, solve complex quests and fully utilize the different races' all advantages.
Note: this is just a plan for the outlook, not a shot from the game itself.
Release date: unknown.


If you want to help us keep Redshift alive and keep games coming out, from now you can donate too:

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